Heartbreaking police footage has captured the moment an officer rescues a newborn baby girl who was born into a toilet bowl by her clueless mother.


The young mum in her 20s, surnamed Yue, claimed she did not know she was pregnant, and that she was "too afraid to approach" the infant lying helplessly in the porcelain toilet.


Police officers in the city of Nanjing, capital of East China’s Jiangsu Province, were assigned to the case and arrived in Yue’s home to find her pale and weak.


Her roommate, who called the cops, said the woman felt pain in her stomach and unexpectedly gave birth to the baby girl while sitting on the toilet.


The child dropped into the bowl and stunned both of them, leaving them not knowing what to do next.


Footage later released by the authorities shows one policeman entering the toilet, muttering "my god, my god" as he spots the newborn in the toilet.


He lifts the toilet seat and picks up the infant using a towel, later hopping in an ambulance and taking the child to the Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital - Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University.


Fortunately, medical tests concluded that the girl was healthy and in stable condition.


Both mother and child are being kept at the hospital for observation while the authorities try contact the woman’s family.


Yue, a migrant worker, claimed the child was fathered by a man she met online last year, but with whom she now has no relationship.


She said she did not know she was pregnant.


Author: Scott Feng

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