Tourists have captured the moment an acrobat fell from a bamboo pole and suffered critical injuries after it snapped dozens of feet off the ground.


The near-fatal accident happened in front of several hundred visitors in Nanxu Old Town, a popular tourist round-round destination in Huzhou City in East China’s Zhejiang Province.


The performer’s travelling troupe are famous for their death-defying stunts, which involve their acrobats climbing to scary heights without the use of any equipment.


Video of the incident shows the crowd marvelling at the acrobat’s skills at he climbs the wobbly bamboo pole.


The clip starts with the man holding onto the pole with only the strength of his thighs, and he opens his arms as if in a flying motion.


He continues moving along the bamboo pole, which bends almost vertical as he dangles in mid-air.


But just moments later tragedy strikes as the he exerts too much pressure on the bamboo and it finally gives way, snapping and sending him falling back to earth.


According to witnesses at the tourist site, the man hit his head on his way down and was left bleeding and seemingly unconscious.


Members of the travelling circus asked witnesses not to photograph the accident, but footage later uploaded online shows the victim lying on the ground not moving.


Reports said the acrobat was rushed to hospital with a serious head injury and is currently stable after receiving treatment.


He continues to be hospitalised, but doctors said his injuries were no longer life-threatening.


Author: Scott Feng

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