A petrol station attendant risks losing both legs after a nervous woman driver ran her over and pinned her under her 4WD.


Xiu Li, the 38-year-old employee, suffered the horrific injuries in the city of Anshan, in north-eastern China’s Liaoning Province.


Security cameras from the filling station show the woman driver having finished topping up her petrol tank and about to leave when she suddenly crashes into the woman.


She slams a petrol pump and mows down the attendant in the process - and her vehicle continues forwards until she is fully pinned underneath it.


Over the next few minutes, around a dozen of her colleagues as well as witnesses and other drivers rushed to her aide and helped lift the vehicle off her.


The victim was pulled out from under the car and later rushed to hospital by paramedics, while the driver was detained.


Doctors at the hospital where she is now being treated said the accident left her right leg completely shattered, and that the tissue death was so severe that there was "no chance" of saving the limb.


Her left leg was also fractured in two places, medics said.


They are at the moment unsure of whether it can recover enough to be retained, reports said.


The victim’s employers have offered to cover 40,000 RMB (4,534 GBP) of her medical costs, while the driver, who is said to be around 30, has given around 20,000 RMB (2,367 GBP).


The motorist faces charges of dangerous driving.


Author: Scott Feng

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