This incredible video shows how a model has to change poses twice every second as dozens of photos are taken of her for a new online catalogue.


The woman who works as an online model for a clothing retailer in China is so skilled at the task that she looks like a robot as she moves one or two limbs each time in order to strike a different pose.


The video of her incredible daily job description has gone viral on Chinese social media and has since racked up millions of views at the time of writing.


According to reports, the woman’s employers sell their clothing through Taobao - China’s biggest online shopping website, similar to eBay or Amazon, owned by the founder of Alibaba group Jack Ma.


In the short clip, the woman changes the way she poses numerous times while modelling the same outfit.


A photographer direct can be heard giving her instructions as the camera shutter continuously clicks away.


Her boss tells her to "take the handbag" and also to "use the pockets" in her trousers, and she does so seamlessly while pictures continue to be taken.


Netizens on Chinese social media have been stunned by the model’s ability and have even joked that she resembles a "lifelike robot".


Author: Scott Feng

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